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Telaumbanua is a family name (clan). Originally, we came from Nias island, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Nowadays, many of us also live outside Nias island; Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, East of Indonesia and also in foreign. So, we think it'll be a great idea for us to create a site on the net and start to communicate each other using Internet :). This is just our little step to connect and gather with our families in Indonesia and around the world.

Telaumbanua.Net is a web base and communication network which have been created and maintained to:
  • Gather and connecting Telaumbanua's family and related using Internet.
  • Strive for active communication and discussion, and collaboration/cooperation between Telaumbanua Big Family.
  • Facilitate Internet services; sub-domain, email, mailing list address, web and social networking group as a place for sharing and expressing ideas and work.

Currently, we've been created a Facebook Group for Telaumbanua Family. You can join and keep in touch with other Telaumbanua here. Feel free to join and invite your family. For more information about this web page and Telaumbanua Big Family, please contact us at ; family [at] telaumbanua [dot] net.

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